Soursop Fruit Side Effects

The benefits of soursop  juice and other soursop products are well known, since soursop in India is not very well known, here are some possible side effects of over consumption of soursop fruit or soursop juice.

All products naturally occurring or manmade including milk and water have certain side effects, soursop is no exception. Hence any product, whether it is natural or chemically derived, we must always look at the side effects. Just like all other products consumption of Soursop in excess quantity or consuming it along with certain other products may have different side effects. For example consumption of Soursop during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. Any condition involving nerve function, such as Parkinson’s disease, may worsen with the use of Soursop.


The health benefits of soursop and soursop cancer curing abilities are well documented but a study published January 2002 in the journal “Movement Disorders” suggests that the high incidence of West Indians with Parkinson’s-type motor problems could be related to a high consumption of Soursop fruit. Researchers performed experiments using neurons in culture, not human subjects, to perform their investigation. While the results are not conclusive, it certainly is something we must take into consideration. While some side effects may exist, eating the Soursop fruit or consuming Soursop Juice and taking supplements is not considered to be unsafe if you are within the limits of the recommended dosages.

Also it is completely safe to consume Soursop juice for cancer patients as well, in fact Soursop Juice in India can be also used by Diabetic patients who exist in great numbers and are often uninformed or misinformed. (Read Soursop health benefits page for more info – link to page)

There have been a few reports that regular ingestion of Soursop Juice for decades by residents of Guadeloupe and other Caribbean countries may lead to atypical Parkinsonian type symptoms.